Lignite for drilling fluid resin

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Lignite for drilling fluid resin

First, the product name

Drilling water liquid resin-SPNH lignite

Oil and gas industry standards by the People's Republic SY / T 5679-1993 implementation.

Second, the technical characteristics:

This product is nitro humic acid, methyl sulfonate copolymer made of phenolic resin copolymer multi Filtrate Reducer for Drilling Fluids, and has a certain viscosity reducing effect, and has good resistance to temperature and salt tolerance for a variety of fresh and salt water drilling fluid system.

Third, the product uses:

The product has a high temperature, salt technology, reducing water loss, anti-collapse, lubrication and so on, can form a thin and tough in the mud wall cake, play a good lubricating effect and maintain good rheology. Thus the higher the temperature in the deep strata in the use of temperature resistant up to 200 ℃, can significantly reduce the freshwater, brackish and saline mud loss of water, non-toxic, do not pollute the environment. Can add various water-based drilling fluid system, the general dosage is 2.0-4.0%.

Fourth, the technical requirements

SPNH performance


Fourth, the product is lined with plastic, kraft paper bags for external use. Stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place to prevent damp and rain.


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